Dmitry Feygin(cello)

Russian cellist Dmitry Fagin was born in Moscow to his father, Valentin Fagin, who was a famous cellist, and his mother, Galina Zhuvaleva, who was a famous cello teacher. After that, he received gifted education at the Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory, and later entered the Moscow Conservatory and graduated from the same graduate school. During that time, he studied cello with his father and chamber music with cellist Alexander Kartugin of the Shostakovich Chamber Orchestra.

While studying at the Moscow Conservatory, in 1991 he made his debut with Tchaikovsky’s “Variations on a Rococo Theme” at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory under the direction of conductor Alexander Vedernikov (currently the permanent director of the Bolshoi Theater). He has won numerous awards, including the Shostakovich Chamber Music Competition and the Japanese Cello Competition. At the Shostakovich Chamber Music Competition, he was specially awarded the Sonata Prize by Mrs. Shostakovich.

Since 1986, he has been performing in Russia and abroad, and has performed at the NEW-VIKTRING Festival, CARINTHISHER Festival (Tsu), Kalmar Festival (France, sponsored by Russian violinist Spivakov), Oleg Kagan Festival (Russia, sponsored by Natalia Goodman) ), will appear at the Moscow November Art Festival, etc. Since 1995, he has been a soloist with the Moscow Concert Philharmonic Society and teaches at the Music School attached to the Moscow Conservatory. In 1999, he collaborated with Russian conductor Ilya Mushin and others. Since 2006, he has been appearing every year in regular concerts sponsored by the Moscow Philharmonia Association, in a series of chamber music duos for cello and piano, with Niimi, Feigin, and Hiroko (piano).

 Masayuki Kino (violin)

Studied under Aiji Hibino, Juzo Nishikawa, and Isao Shinozaki. After graduating from Toho Gakuen, she studied at the Guildhall School of Music in London in 1982, where she studied under Professor Ifra Neiman. After graduating from the conservatory, he studied under three great masters, including Nathan Milstein, Ruggiero Ricci, and Ivry Gitlis. He also took lessons from Leonid Kogan, Salvatore Accardo, Gino Francescatti, and Sandor Vegues.

In 1983, won the Rodolfo Lipitzer International Violin Competition in Italy. In 1984, she won the highest prize at the Carl Flesch International Violin Competition in London, winning the W.H. Smith Award and the Audience Award. In 1985, he won the Salon Music Special Award at the Menuhin International Competition in Paris. In 1987, he was awarded the Royal Orchestra Society Silver Medal and gave a commemorative concert in London. In 1988, he won the Ruggero Ricci International Masters Competition in Berlin. In 1990, she won the Palm Beach Invitational International Violin Competition in the United States.

As a soloist, he has performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Georges Enesco Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra, Ljubljana Opera Orchestra, Grenoble Youth Orchestra, Southern England Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra, and London Mozart Orchestra. Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic Orchestra, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, Bari Symphony Orchestra, Greater Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra, Finland La Tempesta, Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, Kyushu Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Osaka Symphony Orchestra, Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, Performed with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, etc. Neme Järvi, Okko Kam, Moshe Atzmon, Gaetano Derog, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Yuri Simonov, Norman Delmar, Arthur Davison, Darryl Davison, Marcello Viotti,Akio Watanabe, Kenichiro Kobayashi, Junichi Hirokami, Seiichi Mitsuishi, Yukinori Tezuka, Ken Takaseki, Kazushi Yamashita, Tomomi Nishimoto, Eiji Oue, Toshiaki Umeda, Ryunori Numajiri, Norichika Iimori, Kazuki Yamada, Taijiro Iimori, Araya He has performed with many conductors including Toshiharu, Michiyoshi Inoue, Yukio Fujioka, Yuri Nitta, Yuzo Toyama, and others. Also, chamber music by Martha Argerich, Alexei Lyubimov, Miklós Perenyi, Paul Zhukovsky, Gerard Poulet, Daniel Benjamini, Ikuyo Nakamichi,Co-starred with Ikuyo Kamiya, Megumi Ito, Kazuon Shimizu, Harumi Hanabusa, Makoto Ozone, Yukio Yokoyama, and others. London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Paris, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich, Baden-Baden, Mainz, Frankfurt, Corsica, Milan, Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, Syracuse, Performed in Lugano, Lausanne, Zurich, Helsinki, Budapest, Bucharest, Iasi, Prague, Katowice, Krakow, New York, Mumbai, Delhi, Madras, Colombo, Seoul, and others. In addition, he has participated in many international music festivals such as Schleswig-Holstein, Sanremo, Aldeburgh, Interlink, Lafort Journet, Summer Evening in Florence, and Ournsalo, and is active overseas. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs such as RAI (Italy), Swiss Italian Broadcasting, Radio France, BBC, and NHK.

After serving as concert master of the Greater Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra and Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, he became concert master of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra in April 1993, and became resolo concert master in July 2002.
Numerous CDs and DVDs have been released by Octavia, Sound & Music Creation, and others, and all have received high praise.
In addition to his activities around the world, he has held concerts and master classes in Indonesia every year since 2015, performing in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Padang Panjang, etc. They also performed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2018. Music director for Kumagawa Music Festival, Osaka Miotsukushi Music Festival, Kyoto Cultural Power Music Festival to Survive the Coronavirus, Toyooka Stork Music Festival, Miyakojima Youth International Music Festival, Scotland DG Earth Relief International Music Festival, etc. He is teaching the next generation as a professor at Tokyo College of Music, a lecturer at Toho Gakuen University and Musashino College of Music, and a visiting professor at Padang Panjang National Art Institute in Indonesia. Advisor to JASTA (Japan String Teachers Association).

The instrument he uses is a 1776 Lorenzo Strioni, which he inherited from his mentor Ruggiero Ricci.
《Masayuki Kino Official Site》

Photography Kazuya Akashi

 Asako  Yoshikawa(violin/chamber music)  

After studying with masters Saburo Sumi and Marie Horonová at Toho Gakuen High School and University, he went to Italy and studied under P. Carmirelli, R. Brengoler, and Schelling at the Italian National Conservatory of Santa Cecilia Master Course. While still a student, he began performing in Italy as a member of the Roma Ensemble and as a guest first violinist of the Santa Cecilia Orchestra. After graduating as the first full-board and Honor Award winner in the string department since the conservatory’s founding, he made his debut as a concerto soloist at Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

After returning to Japan, she served as the concertmistress of Tokyo Sorisden, and in addition to performing recitals, recital broadcasts on NHK, chamber music, and guest principal player, she also focused on education, and has produced many excellent performers from her students. He has been invited to give master classes at international music festivals in Europe, including Moulandande (France), Monte Fiascone, and Piediluco (Italy). In 1992 and 1993, his recitals and lessons were broadcast on Italian national television. The CDs “Duo Serenade” and “Trio Amati” have been released. He also serves as a judge for international competitions both domestically and internationally. Music director of Tateshina Music Festival.

 Michele Innocenti(Piano・chamber music)

Originally from Tuscany, Italy. Lives in Paris. He studied with Antonio Bacchelli at the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence, with Aldo Ciccolini at the Paris Conservatory, and with Rado Ferré at the Liszt Conservatory in Budapest. Studied chamber music with Franco Rossi and Quartet Italiano. He achieved excellent results at the Lend of Awards Paris Prize, the Strasa International Piano Competition, and the Bardolino International Piano Competition, and began performing as a soloist and chamber musician at a young age. In Hungary, he was invited as a soloist to perform concertos with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Florence, Tuscany, and other orchestras.

He also performs recitals and chamber music concerts around the world. In chamber music, he collaborated with some of France’s leading players. Their performances have been recorded and broadcast all over the country. After teaching at conservatoires in Florence, Lucca, Modena, and Paris, he is currently professor of piano at the Montmorency Conservatoire in Paris. Obtained the title of “C.A” given to outstanding educators in France. He has also been invited as a judge in numerous international competitions.


 Yuki  Hyakutake(viola,chamber music)  

After attending high school attached to Tokyo University of the Arts, graduated from the same university and completed graduate school at the same university. Studied under Takeo Inoue, Fumiki Asatsuma, William Primrose, and Serge Corot. While still a student, he collaborated with the Geidai Orchestra on “Italian Harold.” Appeared in a new concert at the Imperial Palace Momoka Gakudo. He was a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra until 1999, where he served as principal musician. He has performed many times with foreign musicians and appeared at many music festivals both domestically and internationally. He has also premiered many Japanese works and contemporary pieces, and in 1999 won the Special Jury Prize for his performance in the composition section of the Japan Music Competition. Member of the quartet “Quattro Piacelli” and Tokyo Sinfonietta. Received the 65th Japan Arts Festival Grand Prize. Received the 10th Keizo Saji Award. Professor at Aichi University of Arts. Lecturer at Toho Gakuen Graduate University and Tokyo College of Music.

 Keiko  Hyakutake(accompaniment assistant) 

After attending Tokyo College of Music and graduate school, he completed the accompaniment and chamber music courses at the Paris Conservatoire with first prize. 2007 Agency for Cultural Affairs Overseas Artist Overseas Training Fellow. 1st place in the chamber music section of the French International Competition. While still a student, he participated as an official accompanist at the Rontibaud International Competition, Casals Music Festival, etc. String instruments He often serves as a class accompanist and performs with members of the Orchester National de Paris, the Orchester National de France, and others. Returned to Japan in 2009. In 2010, he gave a recital in Algeria with the support of the Japan Foundation of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Studied piano with Yoshiko Miura and Masahiro Kawakami, and studied accompaniment and chamber music with J. Kernel, Satoshi Yamado, and C. Ivaldi. Part-time lecturer at Tokyo College of Music (accompaniment, chamber music)

 Kazumi Akimoto(accompaniment assistant) 

Started teaching himself the piano at the age of 7. Completed graduate school at Tokyo College of Music. Obtained a scholarship while attending school. To date, he has studied chamber music with the late Minoru Nojima, the late Naomi Ebihara, Ai Matsumoto, and the late Satoshi Gogami, and Eisuke Tsuchida. Currently an accompanist at the Tokyo College of Music’s conducting training course. In addition to his performance activities, he also works as a piano instructor and as a piano competition judge, focusing on nurturing the next generation.

 Miho Yoshimura (Main Assistant)

Graduated from Toho Gakuen University, Faculty of Music. He is an accompaniment researcher at the same university and has completed a pedagogical diploma (solfege education). Japan Piano Educators Federation Piano Audition Main Selection Excellence Award. Received the Excellence Award, Sony Award, and Ajinomoto Award at the National PITNA Piano Competition Special Duo Division. So far, I have performed piano with Sadako Matsuoka, Yuko Ninomiya, Michele Innocenti, and Angelo Pepicelli, accompaniment with Kazuki Fujii, Yoshi Iwasaki, and Henriette Puig-Roger, and chamber music with Asako Yoshikawa and Francesco Pepicelli. Studied under Mr. Pepicelli. Performed with Trio Amati in “Great Chamber Music: A Feast of 4-Handed Piano and Trio.” Appeared in chamber music concerts such as “GruppoFAMA Piedi Luco’s Friends” and “Around300” concerts with 4 hands per unit, 6 hands per unit, and 4 hands per unit. Assistant pianist at the Piediluco International Music Festival. Member of chamber music group Carolosa. Toho Gakuen Elementary School music department instructor.


♪  Sakurako Otani (Inspector & Staff)   

Graduated from Yokohama Futaba High School. After studying at Tokyo College of Music, Faculty of Music, Department of Instrumental Music, completed the String Instrument Research Department at the same university’s Graduate School of Instrumental Music.
3rd place in the 7th Tateshina Music Competition University S Division.
During his studies, he participated in the Mozarteum International Summer Academy in Salzburg as a short-term study abroad scholarship. Completed Pierre Amoyal’s class.

In addition to her solo performance activities, she also teaches orchestras as the concert mistress of an amateur orchestra in Tokyo.
As a member of the Pitre String Orchestra, an ensemble group that combines a string quartet with a contrabass, he has been active in a variety of genres, including playing background music on the Tokyo Skytree Observation Shuttle since March 2016.

Senzoku Gakuen New Philharmonic Orchestra Concert Mistress.
Member of the Pitre String Orchestra, Orchestra Pitre, and the Classical Music Association.
Member of Yokohama Civic Hall Concert.
 Wakabayashi Megumi (Inspector & Staff)

She started playing the violin at the age of 4 and switched to the viola when she entered university. Received the excellence award in the string instrument category of the Ichikawa city new performer contest received the encouragement award in the string instrument section of the Cecilia International Music Competition. 3rd place in the chamber music section of the same competition. So far, she has studied violin with Yuko Takizawa and Asako Yoshikawa, and viola with Yuki Hyakutake. Studied chamber music with Reiko Shiraishi, Kaoru Hanasaki, Kenji Kiriyama, Takeko Amano, Maya Hiramitsu, and Federico Agostini. Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Arts, Faculty of Music, and completed the master’s program at the same Graduate School of Music.
Currently active as a guest performer in orchestras mainly in the Tokai region.


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