Application guidelines


From August 14 (Sun.) to August 18 (Thr.) (4 nights 5 days) in 2021


No age limit


Megamiko, Shirakaba Kogen in Nagano prefecture
(Tateshina Orchard Outdoor Music Hall (indoor hall), HOTEL A

MBIENT TATESHINA, Hôtel du Miroir , PENSION Raisin D’or, Pension LE GRAND

【Participation application period】

From Feb 1 2022 to June 30. Early bird until May 15 .
For early bird application, the participation fee will be discounted by 6%. Also, please note that in case of cancellation after 1st July, a cancellation fee is required.

【Courses / Participation Fee and Precautions】

1 Violin Course (up to 15 people)

83,000 yen (Early Bird: 80,000 yen)

2 Piano Course (up to 8 people)

83,000 yen (Early Bird: 80,000 yen)

3 Chamber music Course (up to 5 groups)

/ 83,000 yen (Early Bird: 80,000 yen)

4 Viola Course (up to 8 people)

78,000 yen (Early Bird: 75,000 yen)

5 Cello Course (up to 8 people)

78,000 yen (Early bird: 75,000 yen)

6 Music, Listening, Solfege Course

6,000 yen / 1 lesson

* In the case of group participation, it is free to decide team member arrangements and songs to perform. In the case of individual participation, we will consult about the songs and members, so please contact us.

* The following discount rate will be applied for Chamber music courses if you choose Chamber music course and other courses together. However, participation in the class finale by attendance of a chamber music course is limited only to the applicants with more than two lessons. One lesson = 20,000 yen, two lessons = 35,000 yen, three lessons = 50,000 yen


● Multiple courses can be taken.

● For all courses, if the number of applicants is 4 or less, the course may be cancelled or accommodation period may change

● Participation fee includes 3 lesson fee, concert performance fee, accompaniment fee (lesson and class finale), piano usage fee, all concert ticket fee during the period.
3 lessons are required and can not be cancelled (except for duplicate courses). There is also a fee, but you may be able to request additional lessons.
The performance at the class finale will be limited to the performance time length of 8 minutes per person or group for each course.

● In addition to the course fee, a separate accommodation fee is required. For music practice and lesson purposes, the choice of accommodation will be limited to affiliated pension and hotel only, but a course discount will be applied.
Please be sure to contact us because accommodation fees differ by each accommodation. In addition, a discount rate is also applicable for accompanying family members.
We recommend parents to accompany especially if participants are elementary school students or junior high school students. (Lifestyle management of students is self-responsible.)

● Although it is mandatory to attend for 3 nights/4 days, please contact us if it is not convenient. Especially when staying a lesser number of nights, the accommodation fee charges by the number of nights but the participation fee of the course is fixed.

● If you wish to have a lesson interpreter, we will do it at 4,000 yen per lesson. Please let us know in advance. Due to the interpreter’s schedule, we may not be able to assign the interpreter.

● You can listen to other students or other course lessons for free.

●Please prepare the score for instructor and accompanist for the lessons.

【How to apply】

Please send an application form to Megamiko Music Camp Office. After accepting applications, we will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not hear from us more than a week.

● Accommodation Address;

Hôtel de Miloir:421 Megamiko Tateshinamachi Kitasakugun Nagano 384-2309 Japan (Tel: 0267-55-7007)
PENSION Raisin D’or: 410-12 Ashidahatsukano Tateshinamachi Kitasakugun Nagano 384-2309 Japan (Tel: 0267-55-6580)
* Both accommodations accept parcel delivery of luggage. The room can accommodate 3-4 people and we will do a room arrangement. If you prefer a single room please contact the us. Also, please contact us if you wish to stay at Hotel Ambient Tateshina, you can stay with a discounted fee.

● Transportation contact:

Travis Japan Ltd. (
Express bus runs from Shinjuku to Megamiko (Tateshina Pasture, or Ambient Tateshina). 3,510 yen ~ 3,900 yen for one way (as of 2019/12). Reservation must be made in advance For further details on fee, time schedule, reservation method etc, please get the latest information from the bus company’s website and apply on your own..

Tateshina Music Festival Megamiko Music Camp Office

(Official website
Coop Nomura Roppongi I-405 in Amati Music, 3-4-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Tel: 070 – 1570 – 9888

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