Application guidelines

The Megami Lake Music Camp will be held every other year,
The next event will be held in the summer of 2024.

Please look forward to the event.



No age limit


Megamiko, Shirakaba Kogen in Nagano prefecture
(Tateshina Orchard Outdoor Music Hall (indoor hall), HOTEL AMBIENT TATESHINA, P. Millefeuille)

【Participation application period】

From Feb 1 2022 to June 30. Early bird until May 25, 2022 .
* The deadline will be extended. The deadline will be as soon as each class is full.

Please note that in case of cancellation after 1st July, a cancellation fee is required.

【Courses / Participation Fee and Precautions】

1 Violin Course (up to 16 people)

83,000~89,000* yen (Early Bird: 80,000から87,000* yen)
*In the case of Professor Agostini’s three lessons

2 Piano Course (up to 8 people)

90,000 yen (Early Bird: 87,000 yen)

3 Chamber music Course (up to 5 groups)

85,000 yen (Early Bird: 82,000 yen)

4 Viola Course (up to 8 people)

75,000 yen (Early Bird: 72,000 yen)

5 Cello Course (up to 8 people)

75,000 yen (Early bird: 72,000 yen)


① If you need accompaniment, please pay an accompaniment fee of 6,000 to 10,000 yen (lesson 1 production 1).
② Please contact us if you are looking for a chamber music companion.
③ If the number of applicants for all courses is 4 or less,
the course may not be offered or the accommodation date may be adjusted.
④ The course fee includes 3 lesson fees, concert appearance fee, piano usage fee,
and all concert ticket fees during the period.
The number of lessons must be 3 and cannot be reduced (excluding duplicate courses).
You can request additional lessons for a fee.
In addition, performance at the class finale is limited to a performance time of
8 minutes or less for each course per person or group.
⑤ In addition to the training fee, an accommodation fee is required separately.
For convenience of sound and lessons, accommodation will be at affiliated pensions
and hotels, so be sure to apply for a music festival affiliated pension or
hotel through the office
(class discounts will be applied. Prices will vary slightly depending on the facility,
so be sure to carry out office work. Please contact the station.)
In addition, since the accompanying family members can stay together at a discounted course,
it is recommended that parents accompany them, especially for elementary and junior high school students (students’ management is at their own risk. .)
This music festival and training are based on the cooperation of the Hotel & Pension
sponsored by Lake Megami, so other outside guests will be charged ¥ 4000 as facility
usage fee and music festival fee.
⑥ In principle, you should take 4 nights and 5 days, but if it is not convenient for you,
please contact us. In particular, if you take a lesson with a small number of nights,
the accommodation fee will be based on the number of nights, but there is no discount on the course fee.
If you do not stay at the designated hotel / pension, you will be charged an additional
10,000 yen as a facility usage fee for the lesson room hall, etc.

⑦ If you would like to interpret the lesson, we will do it for 6,000 yen each time.
If you wish, please apply to the secretariat in advance.
Please note that due to the schedule of the instructor, we may not always be able to meet your request.

⑧ You can listen to other students and lessons of other courses for free.

⑨ Please prepare the score for the instructor and the accompaniment and participate.

【Tateshina Music Festival】

All students will be able to perform at the class finale concert on the final day.
Students who wish to perform at the joint recital will be auditioned in early May,
and successful applicants will be able to perform at the joint recital or
lobby concert held at the same time as the music camp. Please see the homepage for details.

【How to apply】
Please send an application form to Megamiko Music Camp Office. After accepting applications, we will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not hear from us more than a week.

● Accommodation Address;

PENSION Millefeuille  PV Shirakaba-kougen Tateshinamachi Kitasakugun Nagano(Tel: 0267-55-6581)
PENSION WildFlower 410-3 Megamiko Tateshinamachi Kitasakugun Nagano (Tel:080-8889-6342)
Megamiko Guesthouse Forest Kobito 410-12 Ashida Tateshinamachi Kitasakugun Nagano(Tel:0267-55-7750)

* Both accommodations accept parcel delivery of luggage. The room can accommodate 3-4 people and we will do a room arrangement. If you prefer a single room please contact the us. Also, please contact us if you wish to stay at Hotel Ambient Tateshina, you can stay with a discounted fee.

● Transportation contact:

Travis Japan Ltd. (
Express bus runs from Shinjuku to Megamiko (Tateshina Pasture, or Ambient Tateshina). 3,510 yen ~ 3,900 yen for one way (as of 2021/12). Reservation must be made in advance For further details on fee, time schedule, reservation method etc, please get the latest information from the bus company’s website and apply on your own..

Tateshina Music Festival Megamiko Music Camp Office

Coop Nomura Roppongi I-405 in Amati Music, 3-4-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Tel: 070 – 1570 – 9888

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